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Large office building main lobby (100 Wynford Drive, Toronto): one of the two walls
The customer wanted both a decorative wall finish and some art panels. Catalino created the set of 3 + 2 European stucco trompe l’oeil panels, 7ftx4ft (2.12m x 1m) each, as well as the European stucco decorative wall finish, 1,500sqf (137sqm). The view in the trompe l'oeil art panels creates a pleasant contrast with the rigid, 1960’s design of the lobby. The light in the panels seems to come from the same angle as a natural light coming through the lobby front glass-walls. The art panels and the wall finish (both in colored European stucco) have an unexpected continuity. We first covered the walls with the European stucco decorative finish, and then installed the European stucco trompe l'oeil art panels (created off-site, in our studio). The execution of both the stucco art panels and the stucco decorative finish took 8 weeks, of which 3 weeks on-site.

More Images: The opposite wall | Close-up: one of the panels | Detail

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